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Shadow Wing

2011-07-16 09:01:12 by glider521al

"Shadow Wing" is short scrolling a top down shooter, that I created for a University Project, a while back.
The game is written in Java, using the Slick framework.

My entry came 2nd in the best game extension competition for our OOP class.

I've finally managed to figure out, how to get it to work as a web applet.
So if you'd like to play it go to:

The gameplay is far from ideal, but considering the time frame of just over a few weeks, part time
I'm quite proud of the result.

P.s. Note the change of website address.

Shadow Wing

Now that I've got an efficient algorithm for blitting objects to the background I've decided to make dynamic changes to how the player views the background:

1. As the player takes armour damage he bleeds, and when he dies he vanishes into a pool of blood (marking the terrain).

2. Explosions leave black burn marks on the terrain, which fade away with time.

Other Changes:
1. Grenade launchers and melee attacks do more damage.
2. Improvement in rendering time.

Once again, sorry about such a long delay between updates,
but I'll be able to do so much more,
after I graduate this year to FREEDOM :)

Droid Grids: Minor Update: Blood and Explosion burn marks,

Sorry the next major update is taking so long (Droid Grids)

2011-03-11 19:18:57 by glider521al

Sorry for taking so long to add more gameplay features to Droid Grids.

However I'm in my final undergraduate year at Melbourne Uni
(Bachelor of Science Majoring in Software Systems),
and that's consuming most of my time.

The main semester is already 2 weeks in and I'm a bit behind in my work
(hard to focus when half of my subjects are primarily dull theory, on how to manage the software development cycle and how to allocate work to team members). :(

Rest Assured that I have been doing some work on the game though:
Updates Since Beta 0.18.3
Added in a reloading sound (and fixed a glitch with the noise the rocket launcher makes)
2. Friendlier Font: I choose Calibri, if you know of a better one, let me know.
3.Graphics (Minor Update): Fixed radar being too ugly and too small.
4.Fixed glitch with ammo packs acting like cloaking devices, If the character collects them as soon as they're dropped.
5. Removed filter from in game text, to drastically speed up performance
6.I've been working on improving the game rendering method so that the game runs much faster.
I've even gotten it to run on my ultra slow Eepc.
7. Refactored most of my Actionscript classes (My code consisted of a mess of include statements before).

Most recent version at: ew/561794

updates since Beta 0.17.6

1. Completely changed the menu layout to a more intuitive all mouse UI
2. Mouse aiming is now available for single player.
3. Set your own difficulty.
4.Reoptimized navigation system, so enemies can move in 8 directions and rarely miss a hit with a melee attack.
5. Fixed various glitches with existing weapons
6. Rocket launcher added
7.Turrets are much better at finding and gunning down enemies.
8. It's not Game over in Co-op mode so long as one player survives the round.
9.No longer a problem: Keyboard controls not responding (as long as the screen is in focus).
10. Later rounds are much more interesting and more challenging.

P.s. I haven't got any reviews from people who played the game yet.
Please visit the page and tell me what you think.

I hope to have Beta 0.18 done by the 9th of February.
Without giving anything away:
It's significantly different from its predecessor (Beta 0.17.6) and will warrant a seperate
submission to newgrounds.


If you've worked hard on something that you've posted to Newgrounds, and it passes the "under judgement" phase don't ever remove it.
Don't even delete it to get more attention with a newer/far more professional version.

If you do, Newgrounds will tell your users that your submission was blammed (with a complementary ugly dead mutated creature) regardless, of how highly it scored with votes/reviews.

This grotesque insult is because Newgrounds has the same default page for both blammed submissions and those submissions that were manually deleted by their respective authors.

Always either upload the newer version of your movie/game to the same page, or as a seperate flash (if it different enough from the original).

1. Let me know what you think of the layout for the games section of my website: l

2. Whilst refining my game engine, I've restructured the path finding algorithms and navigation cells. What this means is that in the next version all enemies will definitely be able to move along the diagonal (making upto 8 directions) and it allows for the possibilty of teleporter nodes.

P.s. Sorry about the advertisment that replaces the broken links in some of the sections.
Now that I've made the relevant web page templates, It's simply a matter of copying them to the rest of the website & removing a few broken links/adding new pages.

Renovating my website

2011-01-23 07:32:47 by glider521al

Anyone who saw my old website no that it had plenty of broken links and a crappy tabular layout.

I'm now rebuilding it with CSS Divs fully compliant with W3C's standards (at least they would be if didn't place the little javascript advertising snippet in my code).

Anyway here's a template, let me know if you like it, and I'll use it for the rest of my site: /newLayout.html

With an epic halo image borrowed from demotivational posters!

In this update:
1. Added new map- Quarantine: This is a symetrical map, with a far more balanced layout than the original (Added at the suggestion of 2 players who said the old one was a bit disorganized).
2. Enemies are restricted to attack from the Southern Border in round 1, but will be able to spawn at different borders as the game progresses.
3. Fixed Ability indicator not showing in co-op mode.
4. Turrets are slightly faster, and can take a bit more punishment.
5. Cleaned up the interface a bit. People have mentioned the U.I. as a significant issue. I'll be working to improve it.

The future:
I may keep local co-op and implement mouse aiming seperately (As they're are an equal number of people advocating for each).

The players who choose keyboard aiming and strafeing over the mouse, will have slightly stronger shields and armour to compensate for the more limited freedom.

The game is still indev, so I'm open to feedback and suggestions.

I've started to stop caring about the number that the anonymous voting system gives you.

Especially because, idiots like to vote 0/1 on the same sumbissions multiple times (by having alt accounts or having a list of submissions to screw with each day) just because they can.

Its in the reviews, that people who actually tried your submission, give you feedback.