Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Released

2011-02-09 03:59:07 by glider521al

updates since Beta 0.17.6

1. Completely changed the menu layout to a more intuitive all mouse UI
2. Mouse aiming is now available for single player.
3. Set your own difficulty.
4.Reoptimized navigation system, so enemies can move in 8 directions and rarely miss a hit with a melee attack.
5. Fixed various glitches with existing weapons
6. Rocket launcher added
7.Turrets are much better at finding and gunning down enemies.
8. It's not Game over in Co-op mode so long as one player survives the round.
9.No longer a problem: Keyboard controls not responding (as long as the screen is in focus).
10. Later rounds are much more interesting and more challenging.

P.s. I haven't got any reviews from people who played the game yet.
Please visit the page and tell me what you think.


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2011-02-09 09:51:13

I'm yet to receive one review about the actual gameplay mechanics.

I need your feedback :)