Renovating my website

2011-01-23 07:32:47 by glider521al

Anyone who saw my old website no that it had plenty of broken links and a crappy tabular layout.

I'm now rebuilding it with CSS Divs fully compliant with W3C's standards (at least they would be if didn't place the little javascript advertising snippet in my code).

Anyway here's a template, let me know if you like it, and I'll use it for the rest of my site: /newLayout.html

With an epic halo image borrowed from demotivational posters!


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2011-01-23 07:35:18

Yes I know it's spelt "knows" not "no" but I accidently hit the post button before I proof-read my post.



2011-01-23 10:34:16

lol, I think the new site looks better, but I think you should refine the template even more. The menu on the right is just text and links, and I think you should make it look fancier and nicer with professionalism since it'll reflect on your image when people visit your site. For example, look at Newgrounds, their buttons are clickable images which make it look nicer, etc. Just improve on the template, and you're good to go.

(Updated ) glider521al responds:

Thanks, I've redone the links menu on the right (amonst a few other things).

I'm a bit wary of making the links bar look too fancy, else it may be a bit of a distraction to the main content.

Anyway here's the more upto date version:

Note that the Text "Welcome" will be replaced with a relevant banner image for each section.