Sorry the next major update is taking so long (Droid Grids)

2011-03-11 19:18:57 by glider521al

Sorry for taking so long to add more gameplay features to Droid Grids.

However I'm in my final undergraduate year at Melbourne Uni
(Bachelor of Science Majoring in Software Systems),
and that's consuming most of my time.

The main semester is already 2 weeks in and I'm a bit behind in my work
(hard to focus when half of my subjects are primarily dull theory, on how to manage the software development cycle and how to allocate work to team members). :(

Rest Assured that I have been doing some work on the game though:
Updates Since Beta 0.18.3
Added in a reloading sound (and fixed a glitch with the noise the rocket launcher makes)
2. Friendlier Font: I choose Calibri, if you know of a better one, let me know.
3.Graphics (Minor Update): Fixed radar being too ugly and too small.
4.Fixed glitch with ammo packs acting like cloaking devices, If the character collects them as soon as they're dropped.
5. Removed filter from in game text, to drastically speed up performance
6.I've been working on improving the game rendering method so that the game runs much faster.
I've even gotten it to run on my ultra slow Eepc.
7. Refactored most of my Actionscript classes (My code consisted of a mess of include statements before).

Most recent version at: ew/561794


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2011-03-11 19:21:34

P.s. Special thanks, once again, to all the newgrounds members who took the time to post constructive criticism on the last version of Droid Grids.

It's your support and feedback that motivates me too keep working on this extensive project.