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I've significantly updated the game and it's available here (I DELETED the old one):


Drawing inspiration from halo. A meter on the right of your HUD show's how much power you have when engaging this ability. Once the power depletes to zero, you'll need to wait
till it recharges to a certain level (icon will glow) before you can engage it again

Users complained that the game was too hard to begin with and they would get swarmed by enemies within the first 5 minutes of gameplay. To address this I've:

* Added a more gradual difficulty curve with a system of rounds and waves:
Each round enemies become more agressive, more varied, more numerous and will sometimes have upgraded speed and combat capabilities.
Currently 3 waves make up a round (but that will change when I add more enemies in the future)

* Limited the number of enemies that can stalk you around the map:
This feature took over a week of programming (on/off) to get right and prevents players from getting swarmed by a ridiculous number of enemies on the field.

This limit increases each round.

Credits are earned by destroying enemies.

Turrets ports can now be unlocked by spending Credits at them:
-400 Credits to unlock a turret port
-50 Credits to Respawn a turret


* Fixed glitch with enemies standing stupid if they stand where you were 3 seconds ago.

* Optimized code for custom controls
Remember that if the fire & strafe keys are the same for 1st/2nd player,
than the controls in Co-Op defaults to:
L: Strafe (1st player) Shift: Strafe (2nd player)
Enter: Fire (1st player) Space: Shoot (2nd Player)

After, spending a bit too much time on Minecraft/Halo, I've made my new year's resolution to work on polishing off my own projects.

Rest assured that the version 0.17 of Droid grids will be released within 14 days (if not sooner). Unless of course I am:
*Snowed under with more work than I expect from my light summer Uni semester.
*Dead Or Dying.
*Sucked into another dimension, by a wormhole.

It will feature:
1.Significant Enhancements to the A.I. Navigation system/Anti A.I. Rushing
-Only a certain number of enemies will be allowed to move close enough to a target to attack.
-Sprinters will no longer stand still and stupid if they miss you (but will be start slower to compensate)

2.The start of a system of rounds each comprising of about 3 enemy waves (getting tougher as you progress)

3.Start of a cash system for unlocking/reviving turrets

Sorry for the delay, I've been distracted by Minecraft and halo over the passed week + sorting out my subjects for next year.

I've found a way to tweak the navigation system, so that the A.I. will no longer all rush you in the future (some will hang back or prioritize other targets).

See my previous post for features to come...

Many people have complained about the difficulty stating that its only a matter of minutes before they get swarmed by the A.I.

I'm working on a way to make the difficulty curve more gradual (e.g. rounds and waves that get tougher as you progress),
and I'm in the process of drastically improving the navigation system of the enemy A.I.

Basically, while you have the same number of enemies in the field, only a certain number of them are allowed to navigate towards you.
Others enemies will spread out in the field moving towards turrets (if any) and decoy beacons; even if the enemy is only 300 pixels away from you.

They're is of course so much more to do:
[*] Cash System
[*] More enemy units (including tanks)
[*] Vs. mode
[*] More weapons
[*] More special abilities
[*] Comprehensive interactive tutorials
[*] Better graphics and sound...

So please stay tuned...

reviews requested- Droid Grids Beta

2010-09-10 09:54:40 by glider521al

Previously there were complaints of the game not loading properly/no objects spawning.
It turns out that the encryption settings I used rendered the game unplayable, in anything older than flash player 10.1. Regrettably I've received 3 bad reviews and 200 votes on the semi-broken version.

I have since fixed and reuploaded it now, and would really like some feedback, on what needs to be improved and what people liked about the game.

There will be alot of features that will be added in the future (including an upgrade purchase system/better graphics). If you have any ideas that are not on the following websites:
561794 Projects/droidGrids.html
Please contact me, and if they are implemented, you'll receive credit.