Droid Grids Beta 0.17.6-(Includes new map)

2011-01-21 09:22:03 by glider521al

In this update:
1. Added new map- Quarantine: This is a symetrical map, with a far more balanced layout than the original (Added at the suggestion of 2 players who said the old one was a bit disorganized).
2. Enemies are restricted to attack from the Southern Border in round 1, but will be able to spawn at different borders as the game progresses.
3. Fixed Ability indicator not showing in co-op mode.
4. Turrets are slightly faster, and can take a bit more punishment.
5. Cleaned up the interface a bit. People have mentioned the U.I. as a significant issue. I'll be working to improve it.

The future:
I may keep local co-op and implement mouse aiming seperately (As they're are an equal number of people advocating for each).

The players who choose keyboard aiming and strafeing over the mouse, will have slightly stronger shields and armour to compensate for the more limited freedom.

The game is still indev, so I'm open to feedback and suggestions.


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2011-01-22 13:15:41

Wait, so it's still the same flash? I think you should resubmit it so you can get more reviews from the same people, since you can't write reviews twice.

(Updated ) glider521al responds:

Good idea.

I'm thinking of doing a resubmission of Droid Grids when there are enough significant updates to warrant a reupload.

The re-upload will probably happen in Beta 0.18 once I:
-Add the option of mouse controls for single player (slightly weaker shields/armour)
-Add a menu for controlling the starting difficulty.
-Further optimize the pathfinding algorithms.
-Maybe Significantly clean up the interface.
-Maybe add rockets launchers and mid-range sniper units.

Of course all this may take a few weeks, as I have projects to work on outside of flash (E.g. Rewriting my website that's in a state of disrepair)