Reviews matter far more than votes!

2011-01-17 09:51:08 by glider521al

I've started to stop caring about the number that the anonymous voting system gives you.

Especially because, idiots like to vote 0/1 on the same sumbissions multiple times (by having alt accounts or having a list of submissions to screw with each day) just because they can.

Its in the reviews, that people who actually tried your submission, give you feedback.


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2011-01-17 12:29:33

True, very true. I agree with you here, and loved the video too :) The parrot was hilarious.

Yeah, when people vote, you have no idea why they hated it, or why they loved it, and especially with audio, there's voting wars prior to wednesday where some people vote their competition down so they can make the top tracks. Anyways, took a look at your submission and wrote a honest review for you :)

glider521al responds:

Thanks, I've been dying for feedback and suggestions.

I'll see what I can do to make the game more intuitive, and the interface better...


2011-01-17 17:39:35

lol, also, it's good etiquette to reply to reviews since it at least shows that you've read it since the author spent time to write one. If the review is really pointless, then it can be ignored, but otherwise, you want to let them know they haven't wasted their time.

(Updated ) glider521al responds:

Yeah of course, I always reply

I have replied to your review in much more depth on the main project page.