Entry #15

Shadow Wing

2011-07-16 09:01:12 by glider521al

"Shadow Wing" is short scrolling a top down shooter, that I created for a University Project, a while back.
The game is written in Java, using the Slick framework.

My entry came 2nd in the best game extension competition for our OOP class.

I've finally managed to figure out, how to get it to work as a web applet.
So if you'd like to play it go to:

The gameplay is far from ideal, but considering the time frame of just over a few weeks, part time
I'm quite proud of the result.

P.s. Note the change of website address.

Shadow Wing


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2012-01-19 15:12:17


Pretty good game, given the time allotted. Tyrian graphics always look great. Nice old-school shooter. Controls very pretty solid, too.

The two largest issues are the blocky graphicsin some areas, the explosion sound, and lack of power-ups (although I can understand that last one taking longer; you'd have to design a good system AND code it, which is challenging enough)

Second place: congrats, even if they are very late! (:
* salutes *

- Ziro out.