Website: Main Games Page Completed/Progress on droid grids

2011-01-27 01:26:41 by glider521al

1. Let me know what you think of the layout for the games section of my website: l

2. Whilst refining my game engine, I've restructured the path finding algorithms and navigation cells. What this means is that in the next version all enemies will definitely be able to move along the diagonal (making upto 8 directions) and it allows for the possibilty of teleporter nodes.

P.s. Sorry about the advertisment that replaces the broken links in some of the sections.
Now that I've made the relevant web page templates, It's simply a matter of copying them to the rest of the website & removing a few broken links/adding new pages.


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2011-01-28 23:36:54

(Don't read this if you don't want to listen to a sick guy ranting)


I just got one yesterday, on the way back home on a tram.
Clouding my ability to think and draining my energy.